Fresh Eyes

This is a painting I was working on for a while, finally it came together and I finished it. Sometimes it just takes putting the piece aside for awhile and coming back with fresh eyes 😉 I’m very pleased with how It turned out, although it did mean a return to my black and red…………………oh well if can’t beat it, join it 😉



Happy Easter everyone!

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3 Responses to Fresh Eyes

  1. spaark says:

    Love black and red together..and this looks great! Julie

  2. Hi Kelly, I have been scrolling through your gallery of art works and I found I appreciated your work much more when I clicked to enlarge the images. I admire the way you combine so many different elements – your work is do detailed.

    There is nothing wrong with black and red.

    By the way, I am envious of the view from your back door.

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