I wanted to do a new post today but I’ve been a little slack this week and not really completed anything. Well actually thats not true I have read some great books including the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel by Charlaine Harris and spent far to much time watching True Blood repeats………………Oops! Maybe it will inspire a Vampire painting or a werewolf………………Ahh Alcide aka known as Joe Manganiello, maybe I should study him intently ( for inspiratioal purposes only of course!! lol. Anyhow I somehow got totally off topic, I wonder why 😉

What I was trying to say is, instead of something new I have decided to put up a couple of my older pieces. The first one I picked because today I woke to a frost on the ground outside and had to de ice the car before I could take my daughter to school and I wanted to remember the summer warmth. Even though we had a pretty disappointing one here in New Zealand this year 😦

The second photo is of a painting I did for a family of 12, depicting them as Russian dolls 🙂 I chose that because 10 children um wow! and it was fun to create for them.


Mixed Media on canvas 30x40cm


Mixed media on canvas, over 1 metre long.

Now while I have such a captive audience 🙂 I would like to introduce you to my daughters new kitten Sparkles. She is very cute and has us wrapped around her little finger…………..or should I say paw……………I have to say I have a total new respect for animal photographers! So. Not. Easy! lol




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24 Responses to SLACKNESS and SPARKLES

  1. Centaine Reynolds says:

    Lovely paintings as always mum!!! What an adorable kitten! You must thank the awesome person who gave you that kitten with chocolates 😉

  2. nonoymanga says:

    Kelly the Matryoshka dolls are fabulous. Mix media is not bad while the baby cat is super adorable. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  3. Sherry K. says:

    Oh my, I’m just getting ready to post some nesting dolls. Promise I didn’t copy…(-:
    They are adorable by the way!

  4. violetski says:

    Wonderful paintings with beautiful colours!
    Also what a lovely ,cute kitten😊
    I love cats and I have one too .
    You are right , taking photo of them is difficult !
    But I feel they understand ! and posing sometime!😄

  5. justlyd says:

    I really love your artwork! And I’ve always had a soft spot for nesting dolls-so you scored big for that.
    This week has been crazy-unproductive for me too, I don’t know why……….it can’t be because of the 20 or so free kindle books I’ve recently downloaded or the Jem episodes I keep re-watching with my girls on netflix so I don’t really know what is up with that.(It’s a mystery) 😉

    • Hi Lydia, thanks so much for your lovely comments 🙂 I’m very pleased to meet a fellow kindle addict, I’m always searching the free books! and whats great is the hubby person can’t see how many books I’m getting hehe. I used to love Jem, I’m so going to have to check it out. I also wanted to say I love your “about page”, mine sucks and after reading yours I feel so ashamed, I’m going to have to up my game 🙂

  6. Love the Russian dolls piece.

  7. That is a wonderful picture of the kitten… you caught her cuteness and playful character.

  8. Stefan says:

    Lovely paintings!Thank you.

  9. Splendid work here. The family of 12 is darling. Plus, I’m a Graham and you’re a Graham and we’re both artists! 🙂

  10. clinock says:

    The Russian Dolls are brilliant. Thank you for your visits to art rat cafe – much appreciated…

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