Hello Again

I can’t believe this is my 4th post in one month, that surely has to be a record for me!! 🙂

The art rooms looking a bit like a naughty little kids messy bedroom, maybe one day I will learn to clean up as I go. Today is not that day! 🙂 And I doubt tomorrow will be either 🙂

Here are a couple of my latest paintings.

Acrylic paint on canvas.

Waiting for the Knight 50%

love hearts

Hearts, 20x20cm, acrylic on canvas.

Until next time xx

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12 Responses to Hello Again

  1. Kartika says:

    4 in one month= lucky us!

  2. prewitt1970 says:

    Love the knight painting

  3. shreejacob says:

    I just LOVE your paintings!! They are beautiful!! 🙂
    Congrats on your 4th posting in a month 😉

  4. Winter Owls says:

    I love “Waiting for the knight”, her eyes are mesmerising 🙂

  5. Love that one with the girl! 🙂

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