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An Ode To Spring

Hello beautiful people, Well it truly felt like Spring had Sprung, we have had beautiful weather for the most part, the birds are singing the Lambs are Baa-ing (that word just feels wrong lol) trees are getting their blossoms. And … Continue reading

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Oops it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything I just hope I can remember how!! 🙂 We’ve had such lovely weather the last couple of days it’s put me in spring cleaning mode (I’m not sure how this happened … Continue reading

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Heart Art

Two posts in one month, wow that must be a record for me 🙂 Below are a few more of my latest mixed media creations.                                                    Until next time xx

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I’m still here!! :)

Hi lovely people, I decided it was time to crawl out from under my rock and put up a new post :). Dispite not posting I have still been creating, which is very impressive for me lol. We also have … Continue reading

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This is my daughters school project, she has to look after an egg for 4 days. Of course I decided it needed a little face. The green eyed one is my practice egg, the blue eyed one is my daughters … Continue reading

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I Hope This Works!

Okay here we go hehe. My laptop is at the doctors and has been all week grrrr so I am using my phone to put up this post so I hope it works!! I am pretty dumb when it comes … Continue reading

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Accepting A Challenge!

A big thank you to Sherry ( please check out her amazing art) for challenging me to list some artwork by Monday……..Yay I did it!!! If not for you I would still be procrastinating!! This first one is a mixed media piece … Continue reading

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