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If Your Bored

If your feeling bored and need something to do, might I recommend popping along and checking out my society6 shop. I ordered a few things and am really pleased with how they turned out 🙂

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I’m Still here

No I haven’t been abducted by Aliens or fallen of the edge of the world, I’m still here!! I just hope I remember how to do this 🙂 I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post, … Continue reading

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Hello September

Well I have to say, I have been a busy little (cough, cough) beaver in the painting department 🙂 (which is definitely nice for a change). First off here are a couple more “Heart Blocks” to add to the collection. … Continue reading

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Hello Again

I can’t believe this is my 4th post in one month, that surely has to be a record for me!! 🙂 The art rooms looking a bit like a naughty little kids messy bedroom, maybe one day I will learn … Continue reading

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Heart Art

Two posts in one month, wow that must be a record for me 🙂 Below are a few more of my latest mixed media creations.                                                    Until next time xx

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I’m still here!! :)

Hi lovely people, I decided it was time to crawl out from under my rock and put up a new post :). Dispite not posting I have still been creating, which is very impressive for me lol. We also have … Continue reading

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I Hope This Works!

Okay here we go hehe. My laptop is at the doctors and has been all week grrrr so I am using my phone to put up this post so I hope it works!! I am pretty dumb when it comes … Continue reading

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