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Blue Girls, Red Girls

Just a quick post to show you my latest work. It is actually just a reworked piece. The ‘Blue Girls” have been hanging on my wall for a while not completely finished. I knew they needed something more but couldn’t … Continue reading

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In the Arms of the Ocean

Yay, I finally get the chance to do another post!! My special baby My laptop has been away from home for over a week, it’s at the computer Doctors getting it’s hinges fixed. I miss it!! Thankfully my lovely daughter has let … Continue reading

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Blooming Beautiful

Hi All, I thought it was time to do another post, sadly not much art to show you as I have been busy doing boring things!! Never mind I guess we all have to do them 🙂 This first piece … Continue reading

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Bad Hair Day

Hey all, well I have been having a busy if not crazy week what with the school holidays and a crazy kitten who has become obsessed with my bedroom, every time I turn around she has dragged out something from … Continue reading

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Patchwork Heart

Original title I know lol, but It really says it all. The only painting I have completed this week is, you guessed it a patchwork heart.  This piece was created on a boxed canvas, 30x30cm using acrylic paint, papers and … Continue reading

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Let them eat Cake…

Let them eat Cake


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Cake, I want some!

Sorry my minded wandered there for a second, the title is supposed to introduce the subject of my latest paintings not tempt me to stuff my face :o)

Sadly my paintings are not of cakes but rather Marie Antoinette, I just love the dresses and the hair. But I have to say I’m glad we don’t have to dress that way :o)

This little group was inspired by the very talented artist Suzi Blu. I just purchased her book and highly recommend it.





These four mixed media works have been created on canvas blocks measuring 10x30cm.

I used acrylic paint, pencils, charcoal, papers and a collection of embellishments etc

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Okay so I finally stopped being a procrastinator (that’s a nice way of saying I stopped being a lazy cow) and created a new painting, it is mixed media on canvas 20x20cm.  She started out a totally different colour, but … Continue reading

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